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Paté d’Olives

Paté d’Olives

Delicious olive pastes, black or green! The macerated olives are mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil and salt to give an appetising rich olive spread. These spreads will enhance any sandwich, use instead of butter. Heavenly on warm toast with tomatoes and garlic! An exciting addition to any cheeseboard. Enticing as a base on hor d'oeuvres or canapé. Pass through warm pasta, sprinkle with parmesan and black pepper for an appetising snack. These are both gluten free and vegan friendly.

Check out our NEW flavours - Black Spicy -  which has been prepared with black olives from Aragon, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, hot pepper and salt to give dishes a unique and tasty kick of flavour and Green Provenzal - is the perfect provenzal combination gathered in a green olive paté - a great choice that goes with all your dishes.

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