Collection: Aged Spanish Balsamic

We are delighted to be able to bring you these exclusive aged balsamic and sherry vinegar from Cordoba, in Southern Spain. Produced by a modest family winery established in 1830, these exceptional 25yr aged balsamic, impeccable 10yr aged sherry vinegar, and delicious ‘Secret of the Chef’ are truly remarkable.

The variety of aromas and the fine acidity of these natural products, together with the sweetness of the Pedro Ximénez grape, make these unique and individual.

To quote

‘If balsamic vinegar is considered the king of vinegars, then the one made from the Pedro Ximenez grape must be declared emperor’

Customers tell us they are almost a cross between a sherry and a liqueur! These are the real thing!

Our Olive Grove

We have an olive grove, and we love it. It had been abandoned for many years, and it has been fun, but hard work restoring it. There is still lots to be done to return it to it’s original state, but each year a few more trees are brought back into production.

We are very careful how we farm, never using herbicides, only using an organic insecticide when necessary. Organic fertilizer is used, and the grass and herbs are controlled by mowing. Wildlife in all shapes and form is an extremely important and enjoyable part of our finca.