Why is your unfiltered oil special?

Our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is pressed from olives grown on our own olive grove in Catalonia, Spain.  Tim and the occasional friend or family member regularly tend and care for our orchards. We manage our own pruning, watering, and landscaping using only organic and natural methods. During the harvesting season, it is a celebration of our efforts as our hand picked olives are then cold pressed locally , using traditional methods; a technique that is being used less frequently as the years go by.  The benefits to our processing methods are many, with the most distinct being the smooth and velvety taste, unsurpassed by the more “efficient” equipment favoured by commercial oil producers today.

Why are your fresh ingredient olive oils different?

Our pure fresh ingredient olive oils are unique because they are created, not infused. Only once a year, at harvest time, the freshest fruits, vegetables or herbs are pressed right in with the fresh olives. This is what gives these amazing oils their individual and flawless taste and remarkable colour.  Interesting Fact: Our Local Wild Herbs oil is pressed with four herbs that grow wild and organically on our finca! These oils are all exceptional in their purity and decadence of flavor.

Why are your Aged Balsamic Vinegars special?

We are proud to be the sole importers of a fine range of Spanish 25 year old Balsamic Vinegars and Sherry Vinegars from Bodegas Navarro Correas. This is a winery in the small town of Montilla, Andalucía. If balsamic vinegar is considered the king of vinegars, then the one made from the Pedro Ximenez grape must be declared emperor! The variety of aromas and the fine acidity of this natural product, together with the sweetness of the Pedro Ximénez grape, make these unique and individual.

What makes your ‘New World’ balsamic and vinegars different?

Our vinegars offer a new world twist on a European product. Sourced from Australia, all these vinegars are produced from fresh, locally grown ingredients. They are fermented in vats over a number of years; only when the vinegars are ready are they bottled or caramelised, with natural fruit essence. These vinegars contain no artificial flavourings or colourings and are remarkably delectable.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available here on line, with a delivery service available across the UK. We also attend events, large and small throughout the year, where you can always taste and buy all our products.  We also supply independent farm shops and delicatessens, mainly in East Anglia. View our List of Outlets.  We do not supply any major supermarkets.

Do you charge for delivery and is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order; however, there is a delivery charge. This is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on the size of your order. As our bottles are made from glass and filled with a fluid, we cannot send out orders by post. All our deliveries are made by a door-to-door courier service. A special ‘Fragile’ service is also available.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Normally, your order will be delivered within 48 hours!