They’re Here!! [Freshest Olive Oils in the UK]


All sizes and flavors are back in stock. Order now to taste some of the freshest and most exquisite oils in the UK!

NEW PRODUCTS! Catalan Wild Flower Honey!
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We’re so thrilled to offer two new natural local honeys! The first is called  “Mille Fleur” or Thousand Flower Honey featuring a classic but intense floral flavour brought about by the large variety of flowers found in our local Sierra Mountains that run down behind the Costa Dorada. 
The second honey is from the Pyrenees where the honey is derived from purely Alpine flowers. Again this provides an intensely floral honey, distinctive in its flavour.


We are SO disappointed to announce the news that our new Passionfruit Oil did not make it to our shores this season.

Our pressed flavor oils are a delicately balanced timing act! This season we ran out of olives and also unable to source enough fresh passionfruit to create this exciting oil.

We are terribly disappointed but will not be deterred! We will most certainly try again next harvest nearer the end of the year!

In the meantime, we still have a great deal of delicious new oils to looks forward to very soon!

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