The Wait is (almost!) Over!

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Great news!! Our new season of oils; both the unfiltered and ‘fresh ingredient’ are due to arrive at the end of February! 

Tim has rested and is off on his next adventure (a story for another time!) now that our olive harvest of the season is complete! I (Simone) am also freshly rested and busy with monitoring the production and eagerly awaited shipments!

The store has never been so low on oil as we are currently! We have sold out completely of Lemon, Lime, Orange and Basil in addition to our highly addictive Olive Mayos and Pastes! Thankfully we are hanging there with a few precious bottles of our other oils, but please grab them while supplies last. They are too good to miss!

This is however a good and tough position to be in!  We so dislike to disappoint our patiently waiting customers, but of course we are also grateful for the success of the last year. Most exciting for us right now is awaiting the new oils.

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As always with our harvests, the natural processing is as swift as can be to ensure that when the oils arrive later this month to our lovely and loyal customers, they will get to experience some of the freshest Extra Virgin olive oil in the country!

As with all fine things, it will be worth the wait!

It has been a tough harvest though. In mid November and into early December, we had huge storms through Catalonia, with high winds and torrential rain. Our natural water cause that runs down one side of our ‘finca’ ran like a river. I personally have never seen this, but Tim said the ground was saturated. This was not good!

Many olives were on the ground after being knocked off by the rains.  We DO NOT take olives of the ground for our oils, though many people do.

Some varieties of olives fare better than others in these condition. Some drop immediately, others hold on. Tim and the team struggled on, but  the quantity of our unfiltered oil is the one that has suffered the most. It will likely go fast. Not a bumper year!

The little Arbequina olive that we use to press with fresh fruit and vegetables to create our’ fresh ingredient’ oils has saved the day.

A tough little number; it stays on the tree. Quite a sharp olive to eat, but pressed, it delivers the smoothest oil available.  

I am a firm believer, that this little olive is responsible for our success. This is why these oils are creamy, sweet, and soft, allowing the other flavours to shine through. 


You Heard it Here First!

INTRODUCING – A brand new oil from Casa de l’Oli –

fresh olives pressed with fresh passion fruit!

 Fruity to the extreme, this oil is mouthwatering.


Artistic Rendering!

Passionfruit is a difficult fruit to work with. Eat with a spoon or scoop onto the top of a pavlova,  but other than that, it doesn’t always lend itself successfully to many recipes without at least, a lot of preparation.

We have captured all the flavour of this tropical fruit (without the pips!)

In an instance you can have this delicious tropical flavour over salads, fruit, seafood, duck and game and all manner of desserts of course – the options are endless.

The finishing touches are being added and an additional announcement will be made as soon as it’s launched in our online shop. Make sure you come and have a taste if you get out to see us this next year (we highly recommend it! 😉 )

Well as I sit here, a grey cold day in Suffolk, I am looking forward to the year ahead. The sun will shine, and we look forward very much to seeing you all somewhere and soon.

Tim at BBC Good Food Show 2012

Our event list is now online!

All our best  to you, Simone (and Tim!)

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