Improved Health Benefits!

Since the televised article promoting the health benefits of a Tablespoon of OLIVE OIL DAILY . I have had this for my Lunch  with a Single slice of GI bread (LIDL’s) every dayfor the past 6 months, with a significant  noticeable improvement to my general wellbeing . As a pensioner with a history of heart conditions I wish I had had that advice many years ago.My children and grandchildren are slowly being encouraged to embrace your product specifically!

Fred. S. 10th July 2016

No Substitute!

These gorgeous items arrived today, beautifully packaged.
We will certainly enjoy them! In recent years we have stocked up at Chatsworth Show. However, having run out early and experiencing severe withdrawal effects (no other 'look-alikes' will do of course) we are delighted to have normal order restored to our kitchen!

Eleanor M. 17th August 2016

Keep up the good work!

Hi Simone Thanks for your email. Garlic Oil is certainly a staple in our household, we can't wait to try the sun dried tomato! Keep up the good work!

Elizabeth Hill 15th September 2015

This will be an on-going thing.

Thank-you for the personal e-mail, very refreshing.
We have already used your product and it is by miles the best we have ever tasted.
This will be an ongoing thing
We will also be trying your other products in the future
Best regards,

Chris LB 3rd May 2016

Balsamics & Service Cannot Be Beaten!

It was really good to catch up with you on the phone last week and I can confirm order safely delivered as usual. Many thanks for the excellent customer service in respect of the order of our favourite Veredas Pedro Ximenez Balsamic Vinegar Crema aged for 25 years, which once again in our opinion cannot be beaten in terms of quality, taste and enjoyment. With very best wishes,

John Bridge OBE DL Huntingdon 7th December 2015

Your Balsamics are the Best!

I love your oils, and your balsamics are the best, one is for a gift for my chef friend!

Gail H. 5th April 2017

LOVE the Smoked Garlic Oil!

I love your oils and look forward to receiving it. This must be my third order of the smoked garlic THE BEST!!!!

L. Denoris 22nd February 2016

in need of your lovely olive oil

We missed you at farmers market 13 June are you going to be there again in need of your lovely olive oil sorry not to have seen you hope all is well with you and family.

Rosalind Briant 15th September 2015

Beautifully Wrapped Parcel

Parcel received! As always beautifully wrapped. Looking forwards to trying my honey!

Jaclyn 17th May 2018

Thank you!

Thank you – We first came across you at Wisley, where I bought 3 sorts of oil, and I simply love them! They are quite amazing and, even after a few months, the aroma in the basil and ginger oils is still as strong as it was on day one. (I gave the garlic oil to a friend, but this order is all for me!)

Susan 25th May 2018

You have our support!

Thank you so much for your email.  I completely understand the difficulties in delivering fresh glass liquids at a sensible cost.  I have made an order to include balsamic and a couple of bottles of oil to maximise the postage cost.   We applaud and support your wonderful business (we maybe a little jealous), and wish you success in your ventures.  I look forward to trying out the fig balsamic !

Kate W. 13th February 2018

Fan for 10 Years!

My oil has just arrived, many thanks for sending it so quickly.  And yes I absolutely love it, first bought it about 10 years ago and an Audley End Christmas fair and have bought it whenever I can when I visit East Anglia.  Just wish someone down here stocked it!

Clare R. Shaftesbury, Dorset 21st July 2017

many thanks

Received order, many thanks very happy with your product and service have just placed another order.

Darren 15th September 2015

Looking forward to receiving the order, we tried to buy the lime oil for the last 2 years at the good food show but you've sold out both times, not surprising as it's delicious!! Totally worth the wait!

Jo B 22nd March 2016

Keep Up the Good Work

It was lovely to meet you both today at the Essex Festival of Food and Drink.  It was a good event with lots of tempting goodies. I just wanted to let you know than when we got home we smothered our chicken in the smoked garlic oil and cooked it on the BBQ.  The flavour of the oil infused into  the chicken more than I thought it would, and it was gorgeous! Just about to bake my rolls made with the wild herb oil, and they smell pretty good already.  I am very glad to have bought both of those oils. Keep up the good work in producing such lovely flavours.

Karl & Tracy Essex Festival of Food and Drink 21st July 2017

More orders

I purchased some at the Bury St Edmunds Christmas fare and have been addicted since. Expect many more orders in the future.

Matt 25th May 2018

Balsamic second to none

The balsamic is second to none, so worth it. It lasts too. Ta

Simon 17th May 2018

Great Taste 2-Star Award 2017 Judge Reviews: Black Olive Mayonnaise

“There is a fine aroma to this deeply coloured mayonnaise promising good times ahead.  The flavour opened up well with the creamy mayonnaise allowing the olives to feature well. We appreciated the well judged and gentle approach to the balancing of the elements in this product.  Delicious.”
“A creamy and superbly flavoured mayonnaise - good quality mayonnaise, very rich and well flavoured olives, combined to make a wonderful product with layers of flavour. The taste develops on the palate, some hints of citrus, little bursts of olive, then a lift to the end of the flavour which is delicious.”

Guild of Fine Food Suffolk 27th August 2017

More Gifts!

I'm ordering these oils as a gift, requested by my friend after I pressed her for ideas on what I could buy her for her birthday.  She had received the smoked garlic oil for a Christmas present from me previously & said she would like to try more!  The lemon oil is for me though- I adore it!
Hopefully I will get to shop at the Good Food Show again this summer...

Joanne 11th March 2016

Thank you again for the superb service

Pleased to say the order was safely received and I couldn't wait to sample every one of the six I ordered. It was the first time I had ordered the oak-smoked and the extra virgin coded 'evoo', both were astounding - the oak-smoked in particular made a piece of bread a delicious meal. I took the oak-smoked into work today (bread and oil is my lunch) and several people sampled it and took an interest so there may be further orders. Thank you again for the superb service this time as I was down to my last 100ml.

Wlliam 15th September 2015