Season’s Greetings! Getting the Most From Our Oils this Christmas


Using our oils to their best effect this Christmas

At this year’s Country Living Christmas Fair, we were delighted when our oils were described by a customer as being ‘explosive’. What a great way to put it!

Many of you will know that all our oils are pressed just once a year. Our very own unfiltered oil is pressed from olives grown on our grove in Spain. Meanwhile, our ‘fresh ingredient flavoured oils’ are produced by pressing a single variety of olive, the Arbequina, with whole fresh fruits or vegetables like lemons, fresh herbs, garlic and chillies. The ingredients are then spun to remove all the vegetable matter and water, so you are left with just the lovely rich oils, which are full of flavour.

Of course, our oils make great dressings for salad and cold food, but did you know that they will also enrich hot dishes, from a simple baked potato to an indulgent chocolate cake?

Many of our loyal customers have asked us to write a recipe book about the best ways to use our oils. We have not got quite that far yet, but as a taster, here are a few ideas about how to use them over the festive season….


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Our top tips

  • Indulge in half an avocado filled with a teaspoonful of green olive mayo and drizzled with lemon oil
  • Serve warm breads with continental meats and olives, plus tomato oil for dipping
  • Make mash with half butter and half garlic oil. This is delicious on its own or on top of a fish pie
  • Drizzle lemon oil, salt and pepper over a salmon fillet. Make a parcel with a piece of foil and place in the oven for eight minutes. Serve with vegetables roasted in our red chilli oil – one of our favourites!
  • One for veggies: Put some broccoli heads in a saucepan with a tablespoon of green chilli oil. Put the lid on and cook for two minutes. Add sliced mushrooms and cover for another two minutes before adding a handful of spinach. Pour out onto toasted seeded bread
  • Drizzle orange oil on a slice of slightly warmed Christmas chocolate log and serve with single cream. This one is to die for! Orange oil is great on warm mince pies, too
  • Add something special to your cold meat sandwiches by using our black and green olive mayonnaise. It’s also great as a dip with shellfish and raw vegetables, plus as a spread on the base of canapés
  • A pool of ginger oil on your vanilla ice cream is delicious
  • Toss in one of your favourite oils when you’re having fresh pasta like tortellini and ravioli. Oils like garlic, basil, wild herb or rosemary add a completely fresh and vibrant dimension to this simple dish

Or how about our sun-dried tomato Arbequina olive oil for a brilliant splash of seasonal colour?

We hope you really enjoy our oils, however you use them – we’d love to hear your own top tips! Don’t forget, too, that in the run up to Christmas, our oils, mayos and balsamic vinegars make wonderful gifts; order them online for your convenience.

You can always buy online or you can call us on 01394 448600 to make a purchase.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, with peace and health in the New Year. We’ll see you at the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington in March!  signature

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