Save The Date! Event List 2016

Casa de l’oli Event Schedule 2016

We’re delighted to confirm our 2016 Event Schedule!


Coming out to the wonderful, fun and family-friendly Craft & Country shows is simply a great day out and memory made.

Not to mention the hand-picked artisans and crafts workers that you can get up close and personal with about their products and what makes them special,  in a way that you won’t get through online or even high street shopping.

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We always have a great stand of samples of our fine olive oils, olive mayos and pastes as well as an exclusive range of 25 yr old Balsamic vinegars.

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Besides everything we offer online, we bring collections of expertly hand crafted kitchenwares made locally from ceramics and gorgeous olive wood. Due to the personal and unique variations of each of these handmade pieces, we do not list them online.

2014-05-31 09.40.12

We really enjoy visitors delighting in the flavours of our different oils  and when they find just “That One” (or two or three); it’s Love!

Hope to see you at least a few times this year! We love getting out and meeting everyone as well as making new friends!

The Event List is published on our website at

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