Blanco 5 year old Balsamic Vinegar


This aged white balsamic is both unusual and extraordinary. Aged for 5 years it contains a unique fruit essence that is unparalleled.

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This aged white balsamic is both unusual and extraordinary in its delivery of flavour. The result of a 5 year process of fermentation and ageing, with a 6% acidity it is sharp, yet followed by a sweet aftertaste that makes your mouth water. It has a special fruitiness that accompanies the sherry flavour produced from the PX grape.

Taste Tips:

  • Truly mouthwatering balsamic – light, sweet and tart at the same time!
  • Amazing with our Lime pressed Olive Oil in particular
  • Excellent with our Wild Herb, Rosemary and Basil pressed Olive Oils
  • White Balsamic that adds a special fruitiness to recipes, dressings and dip

200ml glass bottle

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200 ml decorative bottle