Arbequina Olives Pressed with Fresh Basil


Fresh basil leaves are cold pressed with fresh olives to create this sensational aromatic oil. Wonderfully fragrant, this oil is perfect for bruschetta, pasta dishes, and of course, the classic combination of a mozzarella and tomato salad.

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  • Pressed to maximise essence and flavour.
  • The perfect finishing touch over warm pasta.
  • Mix with our aged balsamic to create a delicious salad dressing


Morning Simone, So, I bit the bullet last night and stirred a good glug of basil oil into some crushed potatoes, together with a little seasoning and grated cheese. Topped it with a little more cheese and popped it into the oven to brown. We had it with roasted ratatouille and trout...……..yum!

Maureen 26th November 2018

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250ml decorative, 500ml decorative, 500ml refill, 750ml refill