It’s All Happening on our Finca in Spain


Spring 2015 Newsletter

It’s all happening on our finca in Spain

 Tim has been busy in Spain pruning at our farm, considerably reducing the higher foliage of some of our larger trees. In fact, so large were the branches that he brought a piece back for a friend who is just starting out as a professional instrument maker. Tim will be cutting and seasoning more branches for this talented young man’s hand-made guitars in the future.While Tim was in Spain, the weather warmed up and out came the almond blossom. One sunny evening, the birds were all singing while the whole farm hummed with the sound of thousands of bees working their way through the trees – just magical.

Almond blossom, Iberian peninsula


 No rest for the wicked

Away from nature, other jobs required Tim’s input for the short time he was in Spain. He needed to replace an engine in his Spanish Renault 4 van, and spray paint a friend’s tractor. He also collected a set of new front wings for the van from a dealer near Paris, so that governed the route he took.He also bought back most of the rest of the unfiltered oil, Olive wood ready for guitar makingso it wouldn’t freeze in transit. Due to the weight of the oil plus a couple of large lumps of wood, he had to avoid the mountains in the Massif Centrale and drive up the Rhône Valley. A little longer to drive and a little more to pay in tolls, but it was well worth the effort, given that the oil is now here in perfect condition.

Getting out and about

Our new season of events started successfully at the Country Living Spring Show at the Islington Design Centre in London. It was lovely to have such good repeat business; we feel like we are making new friends year by year!

The last Spring Country Living Fair

 For a list of all the events we’re attending this year, visit our website

You’ll be able to buy our products at any of these events and, if you can’t make it to any of these exhibitions, you can always buy online at or you can call us on 01394 448600 to make a purchase.


A taste of the Mediterranean

Our featured oil this newsletter is our sun dried tomato. By pressing the tomatoes with the fresh olives, we create a really delicate, smooth oil which is also very rich. It is the most subtle of our flavoured oils, but will go with almost anything to add texture. It is also wonderful as the base for a dressing.

A few handy tips on making the most out of this gorgeous oil:

  • Use it for dipping
  • Pour over your warm toast instead of butter, and pop a poached egg on top
  • Use it when making coddled eggs
  • Drizzle over cod or sole fillets, wrap in foil and bake in the oven
  • Add it to your salad dressing to increase sweetness
  • Pour over hot meat pies to make a rich gravy
  • Enhance the flavour of an uninspiring pizza

Spanish Sun-Dried Tomatoes pressed with olives to create this superior flavor of olive oil



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