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Springtime on the Finca and The Return of A Popular Favorite!

Yes, Summer is around the corner… or so we are promised!  As I sit here is Suffolk in early June we have yet another day of grey skies but the weather lady told us yesterday this time next week it will be 28 degrees! Just to see the sun will be wonderful. And with it, the enjoyment of barbeques, salads, alfresco dining…
Tim has spent quite a time is Catalonia this Spring on our finca – here’s his news!

I spent quite a time in Spain this Spring with two main projects to accomplish; firstly, pruning the last of the trees we have been cropping over the last 4 years as well as seriously prune and clear the largest of the final two terraces that have not been picked for several years.

The other project was to re-spray my classic Renault 4 van with a view to getting our Casa de l’Oli logo sprayed onto after my return to Suffolk.


Well, objective number one was really successful. With practice I am getting better at pruning!  By the time I left in early May, the first trees that had been pruned in February and late March had begun to respond perfectly.   Lots of healthy new growth was appearing on the outer branches which I had thinned.  I had noted the trees put out much more growth off newer branches, so anything old and brittle got the chop.

The lower terrace was just hit hard with the chainsaw. I am giving up trying to harvest off large trees with their branches high in the sky. It’s much easier if the fruit is lower down (Plus, you get fewer olives driven into your eyes and down your neck.)

As I had cut off some big branches, I now have a lot of firewood to process! The trees recover rapidly, but it will be important to thin the new buds later this year, otherwise one gets a real thicket of branches where you have previously cut.

Spain April 2013 080
When it got ’round to respraying the van however, there were a few snafus. The storage container I use as a garage turned out to be too dark and narrow to spray paint a van.  I couldn’t really see what I was doing, so either I put too much paint on and it caused runs, or not enough and it didn’t flow correctly and left patches of matt finish. Outside, it was either windy or threatening to rain, so again not ideal conditions for the job! Then the neighbour decided to cut his olive grove with a flail mower on the morning I began to give the van its finishing coat of lacquer.  I couldn’t understand at first why it was getting covered in little black bits, until I realised the wind was blowing the debris off his finca. Then as it got warmer so the insects came out, and with the van being sunshine yellow, you can imagine the problems I had there.

Well it’s back in the UK now, but I still need to get the surface smooth and glossy before it gets emblazoned with the Casa de l’Oli logo. Hopefully the forces that be will cooperate!

Spain April 2013 064

Now Tim is back home, we are preparing for the events we have booked in June and July.  We will be at the BBC Summer Good Food Show as always from the 16th to the 19th June. A wonderful event in conjunction with Gardeners World. Then in July The Tendring Hundred Show, Clare Priory Charity weekend, and the Essex Festival of Food  and Drink. They all promise to be great days out for the family with some real treats in store. We’d love to see you!

LíráH Caramelized Balsamics are back!

Lirah-Caramelised 4 bottles
We are really pleased to announce our fantastic caramelized balsamic range will all be back in stock from June 19th! We are thrilled to offer these amazing products along with our own – LíráH is likewise, a small family business who is Passionate about Vinegar . Their website offers great information about their award-winning balsamics and they are committed to raising  awareness of, and education about, this ancient and versatile ingredient.
Available in Classic, Lemongrass, Fig and Apple. Many of you have asked us for these and we are happy the wait to get them to you is over! Perfect when drizzled and combined with our oils for salads, sautéing, desserts and more!

Here’s a recipe we’ve adapted from LíráH – we think our Ginger oil will provide the perfectly fresh and savory bite to this dish!

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The Casa de l’Oli Recipe Collection [Contributors Welcomed!]

Casa de l’Oli’s oils are perfect for creating meals and snacks with that next level, mouth-watering richness and depth of flavour. Our flavoured oils also provide masterful meals with a fraction of the effort! Our custom-flavoured olive oils are produced by including the freshest of ingredients along with our olives at the time of pressing. This creates an unsurpassed and dynamic flavour that is truly distinct to our oils. Using our flavoured oils provides fantastic shortcuts and the benefit of using fewer ingredients in your favourite recipes by already having the desired flavouring result!  We encourage you to try experimenting and replace certain recipe ingredients with those with the same flavour as our pressed oils. Time and effort is reduced, flavour, health and enjoyment increased!


Building a collection of recipes that justify the incomparable quality of our oils will be an on-going effort!  We will be drawing inspiration from our Catalonian neighbours and farmer associates, our travels and adventures, as well as our dear customers and olive oil advocates around the world. We hope to create a collection of staple, no-fail beloved recipes along with some adventurous dishes and uses for our products that your whole family will love.


Our sincere hope is to provide simple and effortlessly masterful culinary delights for anyone to attempt and enjoy! Do you have a favourite use for our oils and other products? We would be delighted to hear your experiences, suggestions and recipes and feature them in our collection!

Visit the Recipe Collection

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They’re Here!! [Freshest Olive Oils in the UK]


All sizes and flavors are back in stock. Order now to taste some of the freshest and most exquisite oils in the UK!

NEW PRODUCTS! Catalan Wild Flower Honey!
015 - Copy
We’re so thrilled to offer two new natural local honeys! The first is called  “Mille Fleur” or Thousand Flower Honey featuring a classic but intense floral flavour brought about by the large variety of flowers found in our local Sierra Mountains that run down behind the Costa Dorada. 
The second honey is from the Pyrenees where the honey is derived from purely Alpine flowers. Again this provides an intensely floral honey, distinctive in its flavour.


We are SO disappointed to announce the news that our new Passionfruit Oil did not make it to our shores this season.

Our pressed flavor oils are a delicately balanced timing act! This season we ran out of olives and also unable to source enough fresh passionfruit to create this exciting oil.

We are terribly disappointed but will not be deterred! We will most certainly try again next harvest nearer the end of the year!

In the meantime, we still have a great deal of delicious new oils to looks forward to very soon!

signatureCasa de l’Oli



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Save The Date! Event List 2016

Casa de l’oli Event Schedule 2016

We’re delighted to confirm our 2016 Event Schedule!


Coming out to the wonderful, fun and family-friendly Craft & Country shows is simply a great day out and memory made.

Not to mention the hand-picked artisans and crafts workers that you can get up close and personal with about their products and what makes them special,  in a way that you won’t get through online or even high street shopping.

2014-05-31 09.30.54

We always have a great stand of samples of our fine olive oils, olive mayos and pastes as well as an exclusive range of 25 yr old Balsamic vinegars.

2014-06-14 09.13.19

Besides everything we offer online, we bring collections of expertly hand crafted kitchenwares made locally from ceramics and gorgeous olive wood. Due to the personal and unique variations of each of these handmade pieces, we do not list them online.

2014-05-31 09.40.12

We really enjoy visitors delighting in the flavours of our different oils  and when they find just “That One” (or two or three); it’s Love!

Hope to see you at least a few times this year! We love getting out and meeting everyone as well as making new friends!

The Event List is published on our website at