About Casa de l’Oli Olive Oil

The ideal habitat for olive trees is said to require sun, stone, drought, silence and solitude.

Casa de l'Oli has found all five necessary ingredients in the rocky Catalonian landscape, terraced by the Moors, and surrounded by prominent mountains. The climate of hot dry summers, but cool winters, creates the ideal environment for growing varieties of olives, with very individual attributes.

Casa de l'Oli is a family business. Based in Southern Catalonia, and in Suffolk, we are personally involved in bringing our superb products to your table. Good olive oil imparts a wonderful flavour to foods, and we select only the best – extra virgin olive oils.

The local Catalan people have taught us a great deal about the traditional ways of successfully cultivating olive trees and how to maintain all the nutrients, flavour, aroma and taste of the olive juice. Premium olives are crushed within 24 hours after harvest and processed without heat to give a delicious, full flavoured oil, with exquisite taste.